About Club10m+​

Our Ethos Is To Bring the Right People to the Right Projects.

Club10m+ became a reality from the frustration of finding ethical investment that was more about making a difference. At it’s core, our ethos and the way we live our lives defines who we are and if this resonates with you then come on board and tell us what you want to invest in, now and in the future.

Philanthropists leave legacies of investing in people and projects or someone to achieve their dreams, because with the wealth shared, they make it happen – that’s a good reason to be here right now! The reward is not just financial, it’s also about recognition and kudos.

We as a team are being approached with projects from all over the world that need funding. The frustration of getting the funding in time, or the right fit for the unique and various opportunities in time is the greatest challenge facing any investor, and that makes an impact in the market space.

Mr Joe is interested in films and loves the movies, he also has a portfolio of properties. By being part of Club10m+ he can decide what projects he would like to see on a regular basis and invest in. This can also work by having a project to bring to the team.

Time vs Money the biggest dilemma that faces us. We are busy making money and then busy keeping it to live and have fun. Your current team can talk to us to help your investment do what you want it to do.

Waking up each day and knowing that today we are able to help someone else is really satisfying. It is a vocation, helping others is all that Club10m+ does. Our investors vary from one-off to every month, and our projects are engaging, brilliant and rewarding. Turning passion and dreams into a designed reality is tangible.

Check out our categories today…if you see something that invokes your passion, talk to us.

Meet your experts

Christa Atwood

Avid Entrepreneur, her passion is helping individuals achieve goals. Christa arranges investor finance for businesses and individuals for marketable products or services. Will you be our next project?

David Hirschfeld

He has been working with software startups for over 30 years. He started at UCLA majoring in Physics, then transitioned out of college to sell IBM Mainframe software for Computer Associates where he became number 1 in sales. He’s the founder of Tekyz Inc and the Creator of Launch 1st.

David Honeyman

David has owned and managed many successful companies in the field of real estate and investment. He consults for real estate agents and property developers around the world, looking to scale up their operations or launch new projects.

Olivier Blandin

Olivier Blandin is an entrepreneur who specialises in insurance brokering. His areas include financial lines (liability, D&O, cyber, fraud), and he also works in Real Estate, Project funding, is a key note speaker and University lecturer. He is committed to delivering value and transparency to all of our clients, and to helping them grow their businesses.

Sten André Rigedahl

Sten André Rigedahl, a seasoned Swedish Londoner with 20+ years of strategic advisory experience. Sten has helped 100+ global companies thrive and expand. His expertise in M&A, business funding, and growth strategies has generated remarkable results. Engaged in the local community and passionate about making a difference, Sten is the ideal partner for entrepreneurs seeking funding or investors looking for profitable opportunities.

Why Choose Us?

Our experts at Club10m+ pride themselves on providing personal, tailored services to all of our clients.


Deal directly, and without complications.


All of our deals are vetted and authenticated.

High ROI

Return On Investment of 7%+.


To help you expand your horizons.

Directorships & Shareholdings

Available to help you increase your portfolio.

Portfolio Growth

Swell your investment opportunities.

Growth with emerging brands

Be at the forefront of industry revolutions.

Crowd Fund options available

Change the way you fund your investments.