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Invest in a Long-lasting and Successful Business

Invest in a Long-lasting and Successful Business

Building a long-lasting business isn’t about achieving success quickly; it’s about building success that will last. While it can be tempting to rush growth in your business and pursue new projects, try to slow down and establish strong foundations that will set you up for lasting success.

Many entrepreneurs start a business following their passions with enthusiasm and not too worried about planning. When the cons start to show up it’s difficult to keep going without a thought-out plan. Many give up or fail within the first year. It’s always important to think and plan ahead for the future.

Do you want to build a long-lasting and successful business?

We have interviewed wonderful guests that have set the bar for building successful and sustainable businesses.

Secrets and Successful Businesses

A company with a business strategy is built on a cornerstone to ensure long-term success and it’s not as complicated as many people believe. A well-chosen and well-articulated strategy is an immensely powerful tool for any business.

Meet David Hirschfeld, one of our Your Panther Pitch podcast guests. He is the CEO & Founder of HYPERFAST Software Development, Creator of the Launch 1st System, Accelerating Software Startups from Concept to Cash Flow FAST. His company focuses on software development and they work primarily with business startups.

According to him, roughly 90 to 95% of business startups fail within the first few years. They fail mostly because of a lack of market and product studies. Doing the hard work upfront before even starting up a business might do you well in the long run. Establishing a good business foundation will help accelerate business growth.

Nowadays where business is almost automated, choosing the best software development service should be considered carefully. Bespoke software programs are the best tools that startups need to last long and be successful in their venture. The success of the business is determined by what is programmed in the beginning.

Build Your Brand and Resonate with It

While it is essential to start a business with a well-chosen and well-articulated strategy coupled with up-to-date and reliable technology, it is a must to build your Brand. Branding is essential. Branding has always been a vital part of any business.

A strong brand identity will help acquire customers, motivate employees, and build credibility! One of the most obvious reasons businesses need branding is to help them get recognized more often.

Our guest, Kym Hamer who specializes in leadership visibility and personal branding, shared how powerful it is to have your brand. A brand is all about unlocking your greatest asset, learning how to harness it, and then amplifying it so that you can make your mark achieve success, and leave a legacy.
Don’t just build a brand; use it for better advertising. Branding and Advertising go hand in hand.

Want to know more about building your brand and leaving a long-lasting legacy?

Find time to listen to Kym Hamer’s full podcast on Your Panther Pitch.

Leading with a Servant Mindset in Business

Why is it important to make good business decisions?

Being in business means making decisions if you are the owner. Good business decisions will make your business grow, however bad business decisions cost a lot of money or can result in bankruptcy.

Whether you’re an investor, a business owner, someone in a business leadership role, or an office employee, it’s crucial to understand how to make good business decisions. Decisions should be trusted, reliable, and a core capability for every organization and its team of people.

Meet Louis J. Fernandez, a business consultant, leadership expert, author, and veteran who helps manufacturers and 3PL companies grow their businesses,

As one of Your Panther Pitch podcast guests, he shared his personal experiences when he was in the military. The timely and good decisions he made during combat are still helping him today.

How did he make it?

He figured out the current situation, pointed out the issues that needed to be addressed then solved them one at a time. He also delegated authority to his team members. Delegating tasks but not responsibility is an important part of decision-making. Making a decision from a servant leader standpoint is making a decision to succeed and to lead your company to success.

If you haven’t listened to Louis J. Fernandez’s story yet, click here to listen to the full podcast.

The Goodness and Optimism of Getting Older

Your business evolves naturally as you do personally. Although your business will naturally evolve, you have to be careful in making decisions. The key to remember when evolving your business is to think long-term and think of the bigger picture. Continue to invest in yourself so you can grow your business over time.

You might wonder that as a person ages, activity limitations can affect their ability to be independent and make good decisions. Or should it be, that as you grow older, you become wiser, is it true?

Let’s meet Jim James, a guest on Your Panther Pitch podcast. He is the Founder of EASTWEST PR and Host of The UnNoticed Entrepreneur. He shared about how growing old is not a bad thing, thus it gives a lot of opportunities. He reminded us that the older we get, the more valuable we become.

Growing up is not about age but at what stage of adult development or maturity we are at. Our lives may change significantly and, if possible, try to use this as an opportunity to identify what is presently most significant to you and rebalance your time/investment in these activities. We must take charge and care for ourselves as we continue on our journey.

At some point in time when you have aged, the business has grown as well and lots of business decisions have been made, you still have an opportunity to delegate and use your time to invest in what brings you joy. What you know now is more valuable so you have time and opportunities to pass the baton to your offspring or even start a new career as a consultant to teach those startups.


Running a successful business that’s sustainable and grows over time, depends on how the foundation was laid out. Also how business decisions were made along the way, and how key employees were taught, invested in, and developed.

When growing a business, you have to continue learning because business evolves and so do the people.

When it comes to your brand, it will also evolve over time but you have to be careful to avoid drastic changes too often. There’s a fine line between evolving your business and rebranding every year.

A Team Leader, leading from a place of trust and working together as a team is a powerful position. Learning to adapt to changes and move forward in the same direction is key within teams. Team Leaders have this challenge when recruiting, making changes, and teaching. Also, they are learning to be better Leaders by investing in themselves every day.