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Executive Summaries

Property Consortium

A £25m fund to acquire the mansions and improve to be rented out at premium and provide customised services to guests.

Film Consortium

£3m – £10m fund to protect investors that decide to invest in the film industry by ensuring a return on the capital deployed.

Philanthropy Consortium

A £5m fund to protect the funds raised to enable the charities to survive and continue doing the good work they do.

Our Services

Pitch to the Panther Podcasts

Watch or listen to our Pitch to the Panther podcast series, where entrepreneurs tell their stories and share their experiences.

Our Concierge Service

Let us know about the property you are looking for and we will find the right one for you. Concierge fees apply.

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Your App Designer

Take your startup software idea from concept to cash flow in only 6 months or less before you even begin software development.

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