Submit a project.

The submission process.

We are delighted that you have chosen us to support your project and secure investment for your future plan. In the case of multiple projects, please ensure that you upload one at a time and follow the process.

This is a two-part interview process. 

  1. Submit your project by following the instructions.
  2. You will have a video interview with one of our experts, depending on the category your project falls under.

Once your project has been submitted, we will respond within 48 hours to arrange a time for your 30 minute interview, where you will have the opportunity to elaborate and explain your project to us.

When the above is completed you will be notified by email if you have been successful, and invited onto the platform to be viewed by our investors.

There is an annual fee of £2,000.00 to be paid at the point of project submission.

In the unlikely event that you are unsuccessful, you will be charged an admin fee of £95.00 and we will refund you the outstanding fee amount.