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Secrets to Achieving Success in any Business

Secrets to Achieving Success in any Business

Ever wonder how success can be achieved?

Success in life is something that we all aim for but how do we define success?

Does it have a different meaning for different people? Success may mean spending more time with family without worrying about money. It could mean owning a successful business. Success could mean achieving your goals. It could also mean being able to get out of your comfort zone.

Whatever it is that we want to achieve in life and be successful in, we can learn from mentors and from people that have been there, and who were able to overcome obstacles and achieve success. Mentors who study and are willing to share them with us give us all a head start, on our journeys to our personal success.

So here are some of the wonderful people we interviewed who shared secrets that we can use or learn from to achieve success:

“Overcoming One’s Fear” - Greg Jenkins

Fear is one of the hindrances to success. So in this podcast with Greg, he was able to give us some tips on how to overcome fear.

Greg has spent a successful 28+ year US Army career that ranged from overseas duties in Germany, South Korea, and combat duty in Iraq to include several stateside assignments culminating in Washington D.C.

One quote we love from this podcast is “Sometimes the thing you don’t want to do is maybe the best thing you need to do.”

Sometimes we fear doing the hard things, we don’t want to face them but we really have to do it because we never know if this is actually what’s missing for us to achieve success.

Especially when you have a team or a group of people depending on you, fear shouldn’t be the reason to surrender. Use it instead to push even harder towards your goal.

No Fear, Just Do it!

Learn a lot more about facing your fears with Greg Jenkins through our podcast here.

“The Chutzpah Advantage” - Mason Harris

Another secret to success we should learn is about chutzpah. It is a playful term for being exceedingly confident or daring in pursuing your goals.

Mason Harris describes chutzpah as a combination of skills and characteristics that create a skill set that serves us in business, and more importantly, service in life.

Mason Harris is one of our podcast guests. He is known as ​ ‘The Chutzpah Guy’. He is a motivational public speaker and author of the book, “The Chutzpah Advantage”. In his episode, he shares a story of how to acquire chutzpah and pursue the aspirations that will astound you that result in an inevitable Success!

The essence of chutzpah is to seize every opportunity. Failures are learning opportunities that fuel us to take more action. Success is also an opportunity to do more and give more.

Just like overcoming fear, you just have to do it, gain wisdom along the way, and more importantly, learn to sustain it.

Organize things, take risks, think outside the box and do something different. These are one of the behaviors that will help you bring out the chutzpah in you.

Leaders like you– investors, fund managers, business owners, innovators, or project managers may think you already have these characteristics but it’s still not getting to where you want to be. It’s time to reevaluate yourself. Who knows, you might be missing some important points.

Find time to listen to Mason Harris’ full podcast on Your Panther Pitch to catch his sharing on the rules of chutzpah.

“Getting to the Good Gravy” - Jennifer Samuel-Chance

Wondering what this means?

Well, same here when I first heard of it.

Here’s what Jennifer said:
“Our life can be compared to cooking a pot of stew. Some of us may aim to put as many ingredients as we can in their pot. But sometimes all we need is a good boil to get that good gravy. “

Do you agree with what she said?

In life, we tend to decide everything on our own, experience something, climb the corporate ladder, grow our business, figure out what interests us and do it all at the same time. Often, we fail and don’t have any idea why we are unsuccessful.

Indeed, for you to have good gravy, you have to be cooked well, experience everything, gain knowledge, get trained by good mentors or coaches, and even just the mere silence for you to listen to yourself.

Give some time and don’t be in a rush. Learn what you have to learn, know yourself deeper, and understand the feelings of others too. More importantly, be vulnerable as this may connect you to other people; be open and not so judgmental so you can gain more knowledge, and be forgiving and release old bitterness.

If the meaning is still not clear to you then visit our website now and listen to this podcast to be enlightened about this topic.

“From Being a Victim to Victor” - Angeline Mitchell

Have you ever felt helpless and stuck in one of life’s miseries? How did you get out of it?

Problems or challenges are inevitable to everyone. Everyone can get flattened by life at times. It doesn’t matter whether you are wealthy, a high-ranking individual, or whoever you are. But what matters most is how you get out of that situation.

Learn from other people’s success stories but also focus more on their failures. Find out how they got knocked down several times but fought hard and made it out victorious.

Don’t get it all wrong. You can get inspiration from other people but still, you are the only one who can solve your own problem. It should always start with you and you alone.

Meet Angeline Mitchell, one of Your Panther Pitch podcast guests. In her episode, she shares her story of how she got abused and how she woke up one day and did something that transformed her life.

Now, she is also a podcaster and a powerful transformational coach with the ability to empower women to leave their past, regain their power, and make a strong stance for their future.

So, if you feel you are trapped, it’s time to do something that you will thank yourself for in the future. You can also listen to the full podcast of Angeline Mitchell to learn how she got out from being a victim to becoming a victor. “Part 2 coming soon”


Success is not easy. The people we interviewed on this podcast showed us how hard it is to achieve success but if we all follow what these people have shared then we are confident that we can and that there is hope in achieving SUCCESS.

Success differs from one person to the next. Your goal is personal and particular to you. By taking action you can and will achieve the secret of success.