The Cake

Are you investing in crypto currency?

Crypto currency represents the opportunity for transfer of wealth on a scale never seen before… But right now, only the lucky (or knowledgeable) can benefit!

This is because whilst crypto is great, it is still hard to understand & use.

The problems.

  • For big rewards, you have to take big risks.
  • It is hard to distinguish between the legitimate, and the scams.
  • Trustworthy, impartial, one-to-one advice and support is hard to access.
  • There’s no support on technical issues
  • It creates barriers to adoption, and therefore limits access to decentralized wealth

Even the experts struggle.

  • It is a highly dynamic market with no central data source.
  • There’s a big requirement for time-sensitive delivery of key advice or intelligence.
  • Investors have to corroborate intelligence across respected sources to mitigate risk, which takes valuable time.

The solution? Find support.

We understand that, whilst crypto currency may be hard to understand, it can be a very lucrative business venture.

That’s why we’ve partnered with The Cake, who offer decentralised support for the crypto marketplace.

They offer free basic advice with trusted advisors via a chat interface, we will help you take the next step in your investment portolio.